Efficacy and Quality of the Water at Hot Springs

There is a law in Japan called, the "Hot Spring Law". Under this law, hot springs are defined as any warm water, mineral water, and water vapor which bubbles up from underground having the characteristics of having a temperature of 25-degrees Celsius or above, or having certain components.
Among those, depending on the temperature and the quality and the concentration of the components in the hot spring water, hot springs that are best for medical treatment are classified as "Recuperation Hot Springs". Below is a list of the various categories of Recuperation Hot Springs.

  • Simple Hot Spring

    This type of hot spring water is gentle to the body as the concentration of the components is low. This makes it safe for children and the elderly as it is less stimulating. Springs that are alkaline are also effective in removing keratin of the skin, making your skin beautiful.


    For bathing - Autonomic instability,insomnia,depression

  • Chloride Spring

    With great insulation abilities, this type of spring water ensures against feeling chilly after a bath. It is also effective in healing gastrointestinal diseases and chronic constipation when consumed.


    For bathing -Cuts,peripheral circulatory failure,sensitivity to cold,depression,xerosis cutis

    Drinking –Atrophic gastritis,constipation

  • Hydrogen Carbonate Spring

    This spring water is abundant in alkaline, thus helps make skin smooth. This is also why it is often referred to as, "hot water of beautiful skin" or "hot water of beauty".
    People often experience a refreshing, cooling sensation after bathing in this spring water so it can be enjoyed during the hot summertime.


    For bathing - Cuts,peripheral circulatory failure,sensitivity to cold,xerosis cutis

    For drinking - Gastroduodenal ulcers,reflux esophagitis, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), hyperuricemia (gout)

  • Sulfate Spring

    This spring water has been long recognized for its ability to heal and was treasured from the past. It is referred to as the "hot water for wounds" or "hot water for stroke". It is also believed in Europe that this water is healthy for consumption.


    For bathing - Cuts,peripheral circulatory failure,sensitivity to cold,depression, xerosis cutis

    For drinking - Biliary tract disorder,hypercholesterolemia, constipation

  • Carbon Dioxide Spring

    This spring water has carbonic acid components and little bubbles will cling to your body while soaking in this spring water. It is often said that this type of spring water is rare in Japan. It is effective in lowering blood pressure, as well as being effective for arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.


    For bathing -Cuts,peripheral circulatory failure, sensitivity to cold, autonomic instability

    For drinking -Gastrointestinal dysfunction

  • Acidic Spring

    The acidity of this spring water has a high level of sterilizing power, thus accounting for its rarity in Europe. It is vital that a shower is taken after soaking in this hot spring water due to its strong powers.


    For bathing -Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris,impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes),skin suppuration

  • Ferruginous Spring

    This spring water can often be characterized by its yellow or red tints caused by its iron components.
    It is highly effective against anemia, and is often referred to as the "hot water for women".


    For drinking -Iron deficiency anemia

  • Sulfur Spring

    This is spring water is the most typical hot spring, characterized by its smell resembling rotten eggs. It is said to be able to have a positive effect towards a wide variety of illnesses.
    Please note that any metal accessories will discolor if put in this water.


    For bathing -Atopic dermatitis,psoriasis vulgaris,chronic eczema, skin suppuration (If also containing the component hydrogen sulphide, it can also help with peripheral circulatory failure)

    For drinking - Impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), hypercholesterolemia

  • Radioactive Spring

    This spring water is as colorless, tasteless and odorless as normal water. It is renowned for its ability to be effective against a wide variety of illnesses, and is often referred to as the "water to cure all".


    For bathing -Hyperuricemia (gout), rheumatoid arthritis,ankylosing spondylitis, etc.