How to Wear the Ryokan Yukata

Don’t miss out on the chance to fully emerge yourself in the Japanese hot spring atmosphere by wearing a yukata (casual summer kimono)!
Yukatas are usually prepared for you in advance by the hot spring inn.
While there are various methods for wearing a yukata and for tying the obi belt, here is the easiest method for beginners!


Sizes of Yukata

Sizes for yukata usually come in small, medium and large. Those that don’t indicate a size are usually able to fit all.
If you aren’t sure of your size, try the yukata on. Choose one where the bottom of the yukata comes down just above your ankle.

  1. Pass both arms through the sleeves.

    Only wear your underwear below the yukata.

  2. Put the right-side of the yukata under the left-side.

    Note that putting the right-side of the yukata over the left-side is only done on dead bodies. These rules are the same for both males and females.

  3. Wrap the obi belt around your waist and tie it at the front.

    There aren't any specific rules for how to tie the obi belt; even tying it in a bow is perfectly acceptable. It usually looks best when females tie the obi belt around their waist, and males around their hipbone.

  4. Wear a "Haori" or a "Tanzen" over the yukata when it’s cold.