Bathing Procedures and Manners in a Hot Spring

  1. Yukatas, Slippers, and Sandals

    Slippers or sandals are usually prepared for you in the guestroom. Although it depends on the hot spring inn or hotel, they are normally worn when going from your guestroom to the baths.
    It is also acceptable to wear the yukata when going to the baths. Please note however, that some inns and hotels ask guests to refrain from wearing yukatas in the hotel lobby or restaurant, etc.

    It is usually customary to take off your slippers or sandals at the entrance of the baths before entering the changing rooms. Neatly align your footwear in the shoe shelves. If a number tag set is available, take one of the two tags in the set and attach it to your footwear to ensure somebody doesn't take your footwear by mistake. Take the other tag with you.

  2. What to Take with You to the Baths

    Please refrain from taking anything unnecessary to the baths, especially as valuables. Instead, take with you a change of clothes and anything required for bathing; such as towels, bath towels, soap, shampoo, etc. Some baths are already equipped with these items. If this is the case, you won’t need to take them yourself.

  3. Bathing Procedures and Manners

    Before entering the bathtub, wash yourself thoroughly by pouring over hot water or fresh bathwater on yourself or taking a shower. Doing so also prevents a sudden rise in blood pressure and allows the body to become accustomed to the hot temperature of the baths.

    If you have long hair, please refrain from putting your hair in the baths by either tying it up with a hairband, wrapping it in a towel, or wearing a shower cap.

    Do not put your towel into the hot water or wearing a towel while in the bathtub.

    Do not scrub or wash your body while in the bathtub. Make-up should be removed before getting in the bathtub.

    Be careful that the spray from the shower does not hit other people when taking a shower.

    Refrain from making too much noise in the baths, taking care to also talk at a level which will not trouble others.
    The baths are not a playground so those with children should ensure that children do not swim, play or run in or around the baths. This kind of behavior is very dangerous due to slippery floors.

    Refrain from using the baths if you are on your period, have stomach troubles or are feeling nauseous. It is strictly forbidden to dirty the hot spring water in this way.

    If you used the wash bowl, stools, etc., please ensure to quickly wash it with some hot water and put them back as you found it. Please clean up after yourself and take your garbage with you.

    Be sure to wipe your body down with a fully wringed out towel before leaving the baths. Do not wet the changing rooms.