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For inquiries regarding tour products, consultations, and tour comments and impressions, please fill in the form below and send it. indicates required information.

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  • ・In general, we only respond to customer inquiries via email.
  • ・Please be aware that, depending on the nature of your inquiry, and whether or not it is a holiday (Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, substitute holidays, December 30–January 3) or during business hours, it may take time to respond your inquiry.
  • ・Please accept our apologies that any inquiry not related to our tour is not answered.(特此聲明,我們無法為您解答與本次行程無太大關係的問題。敬請見諒!)
■Handling of Personal Information
The personal information you have entered will only be used to the extent necessary to confirm the information you have submitted and to provide you with a respond.
In addition, to the extent necessary, your personal information will be shared with the branch where you made your application.
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